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The most powerful Maya yet enables you to work more efficiently and collaboratively than ever before. With this update, USD is now seamlessly integrated, enabling you to load and edit large data sets at lightning speed and work directly with data using native tools. Maya’s animation, rigging, and modelling toolsets also see significant updates to get you working faster and with more precision, and the latest version of Arnold brings even more speed and flexibility to your rendering workflows.
USD, now seamlessly integrated
USD has now been seamlessly integrated in Maya, allowing you to not only load and edit massive data sets at lightning speed, but also work directly with the data using Maya's native tools.
Load and edit massive data sets at lightning speed:
One of the many benefits of USD in Maya is the raw speed at which you can bring in massive data sets. You can now load multiple gigabytes of data into Maya in a matter of seconds.
Seamlessly import and export USD data:
A new round-trip import and export workflow lets you take USD data and import it as native Maya data, or take native Maya data and export it as USD data. This allows you to rely on USD as a simple, high-speed format for transferring data between Maya scenes or other applications that support USD.
Preview USD scene structure:
A new USD Hierarchy View Window gives you a lightweight preview of the USD scene structure. This can be used to see the contents of a USD file, as well as to set the state of the scene, including variants, before import.
Support for in-memory USD stages:
A USD stage is an in-memory container of the composed USD scenegraph. The new mayaUsdProxyShape node enables native Maya workflows directly on USD stages. This means you can now work directly with USD data in common Maya editors, enabling native support for the Viewport, Outliner, Attribute Editor, Manipulators, Snapping, and more.

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