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3ds Max 2023 Features

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3D Modelling

Enhanced Retopology tools
Automatically reconstruct polygonal mesh data as clean quad-based topology with uncompromising accuracy. These tools can be used to reduce complex and high-resolution assets and enhance generative designs and traditional modelling work inside of 3ds Max.

Enhanced Smart Extrude
Interactively extrude faces on 3D objects using flexible Smart Extrude operations like cut-through and overlap. Rebuild and stitch adjacent faces automatically without needing to manually repair hidden faces or geometric data.

Mesh and surface modelling
Create parametric and organic objects with polygon, subdivision surface and spline-based modelling features.

Modifier stack workflow
Quickly conceptualise, iterate and explore design ideas using a range of unique modifiers.

Spline workflows
Create and animate geometry in several intuitive ways with spline tools.

Texturing and Shading

Open Shading Language (OSL) support
Generate high-quality textures that display accurately in the viewport using new or pre-existing OSL maps with any supported renderer.

Baking to texture
Experience a streamlined, intuitive and fully scriptable texture baking experience with support for PBR (physically based rendering) materials, overrides and OSL workflows.

Material editor
Add material finishes, change textures and use vibrant colours to create photorealistic designs.

Illuminate and enhance your scenes using photometric lights and standard lights.

3D Rendering

Integrated Arnold renderer
Use the Arnold GPU renderer to view scene changes in real-time, including lighting, materials and camera.

Interactive viewports
Reduce design iteration with render-quality viewport previews, displaying PBR (physically based rendering) materials and camera effects directly.

ActiveShade viewport
With an interactive rendering experience, see your scene in a near-final rendering quality as you’re working.

Physical camera
Simulate real-life camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, depth of field and exposure.

Scene converter
Seamlessly and consistently change materials, lights, cameras and renderers from one to another.

Animation and effects

Character animation tools
Create procedural character animations and rigs with CAT (character animation toolkit), biped and crowd tools.

Motion paths
Preview and adjust animation paths directly in the viewport.

3ds Max fluids
Create realistic liquid behaviours, such as water, oil and lava, as well as replicate gravity and collision effects.

Particle flow effects
Create sophisticated particle effects such as water, fire, spray and snow.

Extensive plug-in library
Access hundreds of industry-leading third-party plug-ins from our extensive community.

Workflow pipeline

Enhanced Software security
Use Safe Scene Script Execution to protect your work against malicious scripts that could be part of scene files and the Malware Removal functionality, which detects and removes known malicious scripts from scene files and startup scripts.

Python 3
Get tighter pipeline integration with support for Python 3.

Enhanced Pipeline integration support
Easily customise 3ds Max to fit your production pipeline needs.

Modern UI and workspaces
Create your own customised workspaces with a more modern, responsive, high-DPI-ready user interface.

New GL Transmission Format (glTF) support
Publish assets from your 3ds Max scene to glTF 3D content for use in web applications, online shops, browser games and other online plug sockets.

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