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Automating unstructured data orchestration across silos.


Hammerspace is a software solution that provides a global data environment to give users, applications, and cloud services local access to data, no matter where it is stored. It is designed to help research organizations create, analyse, and manage creative projects from inception, to collaboration, to archive across a decentralized environment.

Hammerspace provides television and film creatives, content publishers, special effects artists, and corporate video producers the ability to securely work efficiently and effectively in a decentralized world.


  • Remote Workforce

Hammerspace enables organization to leverage remote talent with tools to orchestrate content to remote locations and provide low latency, local read/write access to global data.

  • Metadata Driven Workflows

Actionable Metadata-based policies enable complete control and lifecycle management of your content.  Define and enforce policies to meet access, cost, performance, locality, security, and protection objectives.

  • Cost Control

Make all data accessible and available from any location with a global file system, while simultaneously ensuring it is stored and protected on the most cost-effective storage tier.

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage and Burst Render Flexibility

Enable simple and automated hybrid cloud flexibility. Access the most available or most cost-effective compute resources and storage capacity across any cloud, any region, instantly.  Meet unforeseen peak demands, access new technologies, or simply ‘chase the spot’.


It is fully integrated with Autodesk Shotgrid and many other industry standard creative tools, and is already adopted by many studios worldwide, including  Jellyfish Pictures and Mathematic Studios.

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Hammerspace Overview


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