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Extensive productivity and workflow 3ds Max plugin collection.


IgNite is an extensive collection of tools and plugins for 3ds Max. Many of the tools are designed for the architectural visualisation pipeline, assisting artists with imported data, cleaning up models and optimising, meaning you can get into creative work faster.

It is for 3D artists who want to improve efficiency in their daily work. It includes nine utility plugins in one collection.


Plugins include:


  • IgNite(Springboard):Daily tools, Workflow tools.
  • Scribe: Spline tools including CAD clean up.
  • Sculpt:Poly tools including retopologise.
  • Jumble:Random object selection and transforms.
  • Unite:Relinks missing file paths and archives projects.
  • Illumi:HDRI wizard.
  • Forensic: Scene check and repair.
Manufactured by SiNi

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