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Arnold 2023 Features

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What’s in the Arnold toolset 

Flexible and extensible API
Integrate Arnold into external applications and create custom shaders, cameras, light filters, and output drivers.

Universal Scene Description (USD) support
Maximize the power of USD with Arnold in production scenarios.

Use Bloom, Light Mixer, Noice, and OptiX denoiser imagers to control lighting effects and automatically denoise after each render.

Stand-alone command-line renderer
Arnold has a native scene description format stored in human-readable text files. Easily edit, read, and write these files via the C/Python API.

Standard Surface shader
Produce a wide range of materials and looks with this energy-saving, physically-based uber shader.

Standard Hair shader
Render hair and fur with this physically based shader, based on the d’Eon and Zinke models for specular and diffuse shading.

Alembic procedural
Render Alembic files directly without any translation with a native procedural.

Profiling API and structured statistics
Identify performance issues and optimize rendering processes more easily with an extensive set of tools.

Material assignments and overrides
With operators, override any part of a scene at render time and enable support for open standard frameworks such as MaterialX.

Built-in Cryptomatte
Create ID mattes automatically with support for motion blur, transparency, and depth of field.

Integrated OpenColorIO v2
Take advantage of OpenColorIO v2 for state-of-the-art colour management.

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