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Autodesk introduces new purchasing process for customers in the US and Canada

Autodesk is introducing a new purchasing process for customers, initially launched in November 2023 in Australia.

After its successful debut, the launch is now scheduled for the US and Canada in June 2024. Autodesk aims to implement this model globally in the coming years.

About the New Process:

The streamlined purchasing method initially introduced for Autodesk Flex is now extending to Autodesk subscription plans. Under this model, transactions will occur directly between customers and Autodesk, while all pre- and post-purchase support remains unchanged.

NTI Continues to Support You:

As your trusted Autodesk Platinum Partner, NTI remains dedicated to assisting you throughout the subscription acquisition process. We’ll continue to offer our unparalleled support services, training courses, specialised expertise, consultancy, digital solutions, and software solutions.

What Should You Do?

No immediate action is required from your end. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed as the European launch date approaches, providing relevant updates along the way.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.

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