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Introducing CMAI – Tailored Training Solutions

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As part of our close collaboration with Tyrell in Ireland, we want to bring you exclusive access to their renowned training business, CMAI.

CMAI (Creative Media Academy Ireland) are actively involved in facilitating training for numerous VFX/animation studios in Ireland and are currently looking to expand this initiative into the UK.

CMAI provides tailored training solutions to help your staff upskill in targeted areas. Their training is custom designed to meet your organisation’s specific requirements and can be delivered in a flexible manner. They can integrate with your existing pipeline and infrastructure, ensuring a familiar environment for participants.

With a proven track record of success collaborating with Ireland’s leading studios on diverse topics, CMAI possesses the expertise to effectively support your training needs.

“I recently attended the Happy Producers’ Production Bootcamp that was arranged by the CMAI. It was an extremely valuable course, filled with excellent advice and practical application for aspiring producers to plan and structure their productions, and then to follow through on all the daily challenges of managing the complex process of animation. This course was of a high level of quality, and I strongly recommend it for anyone who is involved in production of animation. Thanks to the CMAI for making it possible!”

Mike BucklandHead of Production Triggerfish Animation Studios

To learn more visit or email CMAI at

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