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Advanced Technology from Pixar Animation Studios for Rendering VFX and Animation.


RenderMan delivers out-of-box production tools straight from Pixar and ILM, including materials and light transport…no development required.

Not only is RenderMan used for feature films at Pixar, it is also used throughout the industry for rendering Visual Effects and animation, making scalability and versatility one of its core strengths.

With a new state-of-the-art framework optimized for physically-based rendering, RenderMan can deliver unmatched flexibility for any production pipeline.


RenderMan ships with the latest open source tools and comprehensive APIs so you can develop complex collaborative environments, for maximum pipeline flexibility.

Manufactured by Pixar


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RenderMan Overview

RenderMan Feature Reel

Produced by Pixar Animation Studios, RenderMan’s award-winning and pioneering rendering technology continues to influence and transform the industry in film, tv, feature animations, and digital effects. Now more accessible than ever, the possibilities are endless for studios and individual storytellers.