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Chaos Corona

Chaos Corona




Chaos Corona 8 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D adds many powerful tools to allow artists to create their 3D worlds faster and with more detail than ever. It also sees Corona take its place in the Chaos ecosystem, with a new name and logo and tighter integration with many Chaos tools.

Key features in Corona 8 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Chaos Cosmos
Instant access to a huge collection of assets, materials, and HDRI skies, right from within your 3D host application.

Chaos Scatter
Place trees, rocks, grass, flowers, cars in a parking lot, and other objects where randomization or repetition is required.

Corona Decal
Easily add surface details or imperfections such as scratches, craters, cracks, smudges, splatters, and more, including displacement.

Corona Slicer
Use the Corona Slicer material to cut away sections of geometry at render time. You can cut with any shape that has the Slicer material applied, and even add caps to the exposed surfaces.

Customisable Tone Mapping
Get the exact final look you want with new operators such as Tone Curve and Advanced Filmic Mapping, all in a user-configurable stack of operators so you can add, delete, and move them as necessary.

Corona Curvature
Add dirt or wear-and-tear derived from how quickly the surface is curving at that point.

Cryptomatte Support
Generate industry-standard Cryptomattes, making it easy to isolate and adjust your render’s individual components in post.

Manufacturer: Chaos

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What we think about Corona Renderer

What we think about Corona Renderer

The render quality and speed of corona is remarkable, ease of use is a refreshing, and interactive rendering adds to the ease of use and crafted experience.
Richard Seanor, Technical Application Specialist

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