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Autodesk New Buying Experience

What does the new Autodesk buying process mean for you?

We have gathered all you need to know on this page to ensure you get a smooth experience.

New process when buying Autodesk products

Effective from 16 September 2024, there will be changes to how you purchase and renew your Autodesk products.

  • In this new buying process, the transaction and payments for purchases and renewals will happen directly between you as a customer and Autodesk.
  • Everything before and after will remain unchanged.
  • As an Autodesk Platinum Partner, we will continue to support you when you purchase and renew your Autodesk subscriptions as well as offering our support services, training courses, specialized expertise, consultancy, our own digital solutions and other software.

What will change?

From 16 September 2024, your final quotes and invoices related to Autodesk products will come directly from Autodesk via email. If you are an Autodesk Flex customer, you may recognize the process as it is the same.

What will not change is that NTI will still send you quotes and discuss your needs.

How can you prepare:

Ensure you are prepared to receive and pay invoices from Autodesk instead of NTI.

If your company has a procurement team, they might require you to set Autodesk as a vendor before they can handle invoices from Autodesk. You can set up Autodesk as a vendor from this page. If invoices are not paid on time, you may risk losing access to your Autodesk software.

Below, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, you are as always welcome to reach out to your NTI contact person.


How to handle an upcoming renewal?

We will contact you about any upcoming renewals as usual. If you have any questions before then, please contact us

Does this new process include all products?

No, the following product is not a part of this change:

Assemble Enterprise, Assemble Office, Assemble P6 Connect Office, Assemble P6 Connect Project, Assemble P6 Connect Region, Assemble Procore Connect Office, Assemble Procore Connect Project, Assemble Procore Connect Region, Assemble Project, Assemble Region, Assemble (Account-Based), Autodesk Construction Operations Bundle (Account-Based), Autodesk Preconstruction Bundle (Account-Based), Autodesk VDC Bundle (Account-Based), Autodesk Within Medical, BC Pro – International, Bid Board Pro – International, BIM 360 Build – Packs, BIM 360 Cost, BIM 360 Enterprise, BuildingConnected BC Pro, BuildingConnected Bid Board Pro, BuildingConnected TradeTapp, CAM Services, CFD – Premium, Construction Cloud – Connect, FlexSim, Maya with Softimage, PlanGrid, PlanGrid – Add-On, PlanGrid – Crane, PlanGrid – Dozer, PlanGrid – Enterprise, PlanGrid – Nailgun, PlanGrid – Services, Post Processor – Premium, PowerInspect Premium, PowerInspect Ultimate, PowerMill Premium, PowerMill Standard, PowerMill Ultimate, PowerShape Premium, PowerShape Standard, PowerShape Ultimate, ProEst Cloud Subscription, ProEst Costbook, Pype Autospecs, Pype Autospecs & SmartPlans, Pype Bundle, Pype Closeout, Pype Closeout & eBinder, Pype eBinder, Pype SmartPlans, Structural Bridge Design, VRED Core, VRED Render Node

We are a governmental institution. Does the new buying experience apply to us?

No, governmental institutions will proceed without change and you will continue to purchase and renew your Autodesk licenses via NTI.

If your company is partly owned by the government and you’re unsure whether this applies to you, please reach out to us.

How do I buy additional Autodesk software or make changes to my existing licenses?

You can continue to buy Autodesk software with NTI. You may purchase by reaching out to your NTI contact person for a quote. Once confirmed, the order will be placed with Autodesk, who will send you a confirmation email.

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have to +44 1483 410370 or email

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